Victoria’s Secret is getting ready for the hot months with swimsuit campaigns arriving for spring. Videos and picture campaigns are on every platform for women. The idea behind branding VS is sex appeal and being a fashion forward woman. Women want to feel empowered and beautiful wearing undergarments and clothing, so VS brings in models and celebrities to endorse the brand. This is so consumers will be able to relate. Mass appeal is essential when it comes to the lingerie brand; Victoria’s Secret: Pink was implemented for younger audiences. “No one has come close to the dominance of Victoria’s Secret,” according to Ashley Lutz. 

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is another way to establish the brand as an everlasting one that consumers depend on. The company has joined other retailers in the sell of lotions, clothing, bags, perfumes, makeup, etc. The use of statistics from both ONLINE and IN-STORE transactions help teams filter the importance of products being purchased and those being returned. Their online presence is seen in advertisements all over Facebook, Youtube, and other sites like Amazon. Videos and ads are effective in raising awareness for new products and incoming designs.

The brand that Victoria’s Secret has grown into is colossal. Their efforts have been successful and I believe that the addition of free trials of makeup, lotion, etc. will lead towards competing with cosmetic industries like Sephora and Ulta stores. Advertisements associated with VS are usually hyper-sexual and the diversity of a new type of ad from the brand might bring in new customers.